The appartment was located at the third floor of ‘60 residencial building.
The request gave from the client was to mantain the carachterter of the flat and to have a minimum intervention strategy.
Therefore the design development turn around the theme of sixties style and at the first glance mantain the layout invariated. The marble flooring has been restoreed with opaque polished finishing, insted the bathroom and the kithcen flooring as been substituded with a terrazzo flooring , in order to set a new hydric planting.
The equipped wall s are literaly wrapped and taylor made, designed and product by artisans from the monza brianza furniture district.
The designed furnitures starts from the living room with a mimetic entrance for the kitchen trought the wall, proceed in the kitchen, go trought the cooridor with a shoe rack and end in the bathroom with a framing shower and a custom sink counter.
The chose materials are laqquered light gray wood and olive gray metal framing.

  • Appartament refurbishment
  • 120 sqm
  • Preliminary design to construction follow up
  • Furniture design